If you happen to be in the fast food industry [maybe you are a restaurateur ?] and you don’t have an online ordering system, then you are potentially [that is according to the data and the ongoing trends] missing out on a huge number of orders, as well as massive business opportunities that could help you to take your business further as more and more people are choosing to make their fast food orders whether it be fried chicken, pizza, italian food, indian takeaway and chinese food – people want to stay in the comfort of their own homes and choose from a menu using their tablet, laptop, smart phone or computers.

If you aren’t already convinced of this, then read on and hopefully you’ll see by the end of this post why you shouldn’t go a single day more without making the investment into your business that will pay back in dividends in the time to come [this is as opposed to taking the option of simply listing your food service takeaway business on one of the industry portals which allows customers to find you there but of course they take large commissions which you could be putting back into the business !!].

What an Online Ordering System Does

The idea behind an online menu and ordering system is simple : it allows your customers to make their orders directly to your business via the internet :-

Now; if you are not currently operating an ordering system then chances are that you there are two primary methods that customers use to order their food from you :-

  • They physically come into store
  • They pick up the phone and call

While both these systems might be working just fine for you, there are a lot of scenarios where neither is going to be appropriate or convenient.

Let’s imagine a scenario where someone is having a party with friends at their house. They’ve had a bit to drink and no one is able to drive but they want to order in some pizzas, fired chicken, Chinese takeaway or maybe an Indian curry. So they take a look on the internet or recommendations made on social media hoping to find a restaurant that delivers …

… If they find your restaurant but you don’t have an online ordering system, then there’s a good chance they’re just going to keep looking.

Why? Well for starters, trying to take 20 orders on the phone while there’s noise in the background isn’t fun for anyone. And most parties are simply going to discount that option before they even try.

Not only that, but even if they do try and call, they’re then going to need to worry about paying over the phone, waiting in a queue and hoping that you’re not engaged.

This makes a lot of extra work for them and for you. Especially if you have customers in your building that you’re struggling to cater for already!

Now imagine the alternative: a slick, mobile-friendly website that loads quickly and that can simply be passed around the group for each person to enter their order. Something like that is so much easier and it massively increases the likelihood that someone on your website will order food from you.

More Benefits

Guess what happens once someone has had a great experience using your online ordering system? They gravitate to you in future! When they need food quickly and reliably, they’ll remember the great experience they had and just how easy it was to order, and so they’ll pick you to get their food from.

Better yet, when someone uses your online delivery system, they’ll also be inputting their information – such as their email address and their physical address. That means you’ll now have their details to add to a mailing list and to market to in future.