Perhaps the first thing to make note of is the ongoing rising trend that we see in the food consumer business where customers are choosing to order their fast food from home and either have it delivered or to go to the store themselves to collect their orders. The data shows that this is pretty much spread across the different types of fast food that people like to eat; foods such as …

  • Fried Chicken
  • Greek Kebabs
  • Pizzas
  • Burgers
  • Chinese Takeaway
  • Indian Curry …

… whatever the type of food you can be sure that you are an owner of a food service business then if you have not already then you should be paying serious attention to how you can take your business forward within the digital marketing realm i.e. making use of the internet to build, promote and broadcast your restaurant as well as building equity into the brand.

Of course in the first instance you will need to have a website and one of the easiest options to take is to use one of the hosted solutions out there that allows the restaurant business to list their company on the platform which will guarantee a certain amount of business and revenue to be generated just due to the volume of people that go to the platform to look for a fast food takeaway or restaurant business normally within a particular location. It must be noted that there are significant initial registration cost to be factored in as well as the ongoing commission based charges that can be crippling to a business.

As explained in the video above this is where the comes into play that provides the following …

  • Website Design & Development
  • Online Menus
  • Online Ordering
  • Restaurant & Takeaway Branding
  • Business Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing …

… and more.

The design of The Complete Digital Marketing Solution For Restaurants, Takeaways, Wine Bars & Eateries as presented to the market place by allows food service businesses to provide enterprise level ordering options to customers for a one time setup fee and a flat monthly fee for the

  • ongoing website hosting
  • social media marketing
  • content creation
  • content syndication
  • daily tweeting
  • facebook marketing
  • search engine marketing

… and more.

So now if you are the owner of a restaurant or takeaway food service business then you can build your business and compete with the big boys [using the services of which is a Bristol UK based company] by offering your customers the ability to order directly from your business, the monies go directly into your company’s back accounts and then you can choose to start your own delivery service or instruct customers to come direct to the store to collect their orders.

The value proposition being offered here is indeed huge and with a limited number of staff and resources we are taking order on a first come first served basis so – if this is of interest to you the please do contact us today.

To your restaurant marketing and takeaway business success [the (in association with team)

Takeaway fast food restaurant online ordering trends are increasing as more and more people wish to stay at home and eat.
This ongoing and upwards trend means that many of us do not even have to deal with the in store cashiers any long, the
cashier is in the form of the internet online order system or paying cash to the delivery driver !!

The fact is that online menus and fat food takeaway ordering online does come with many benefits. Ordering online
doesn’t always mean it gets delivered though. That is one thing you want to think about as a business owner as you
may look to add this option to you business offerings.

Many fast food places are adding online ordering as well as the instore menus just so people can get their orders faster,
it also means increased revenues as customers are presented with another option to order. In recent years, before the
online food ordering trend really started to rise, one would see more in person order terminals at restaurants, where
people could place their orders via the machine. With the online ordering rising in popularity we are seeing a drop
in in store ordering systems [it seems].

With that said, the idea of providing online fast food ordering will continue to rise in popularity. The main reasoning
behind this is that ordering food using the restaurant’s or takeaway outlet’s website will enable one to receive their
delicious fried chicken, indian curry, chinese food, greek kebab or the favourite pizza orders more quickly, noting that
one is already supposed to get their food quickly at fast food restaurants. So having the facility for ordering takeaway
fast food via the internet means that the restaurant has to ensure that the delivery process is working really well.

Now, when looking at the big picture, ordering food via the internet prepares customers to get used to continue ordering
their fast food using the company website. The many fast food outlets with the addition of the online ordering process
will leave the business owner with a decision to make in terms of training employees [or hiring new ones] in order to
start delivering the fast food.

In essence this provices the many fast food restaurants with fantastic business growth opportunities in terms of reaching
more customers in the comfort of their homes, that it those customers who may never ever actually come into the
restaurant to dine.

Looking to expand your fast food takeaway or restaurant business ? take a depp look at that which offering online menus
and ordering systems to your service offerings can do for your food service business.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Restaurant Marketing

Email marketing may be tricky proposition. It can help you in advertising and promoting your products. Social networking marketing has only grow to be a significant player in businesses in the last ten years, therefore it’s not surprising that many organizations are still scratching their heads over the real advantages of using social networking.

The strategy was popular by Wal-Mart and Chicago Daily to take care of cut throat competition on the market at the right time of their various introductions. Its Just a Marketing Strategy Be mindful that credit card businesses are experts in regards to marketing their company. Whether you own a PPC promoting strategy in place, you still need to know about some other low-cost advertising and marketing methods that are proven winners for attracting interested clients.

The company program will also provide a neutral idea about ways to begin a bakery. Your company plan must incorporate the details about how you will commit money in the organization. You should have a startup plan which includes how much is necessary to begin your organization and how much is necessary to run your organization until your organization can create enough money to pay its own debts.

Want to Know More About Restaurant Marketing?

Too frequently a company owner thinks they make an excessive amount of money to be worried about such trivial fees. Some small small business owners feel that as long since there is money in the checking account, their company must do fine. In another month, the little business proprietor makes the decision to keep paying the merchant regularly, but to be able to do they have to inform their own employees they will need to wait to get paid.

Definitions of Restaurant Marketing

If you’re thinking of opening a restaurant, some exact crucial considerations might have to be made. With the correct restaurant advertising ideas, your restaurant can grow to be the upcoming fancy spot for individuals to dine and develop into a resounding success. Because of the income generating capability of restaurants, plenty of people are trying to find strategies to start one. Generally, this type of restaurant is very popular with youth. Opening a new restaurant isn’t simple, but it’s more hard to run a thriving restaurant and keep the high standards of food and assistance. It may require extensive initial marketing and advertising. There are many fast food restaurants and in spite of the financial downturn it appears like they continue expanding.

Only provide this sort of information when you have called the company to put an order, and you’re positive it is a well-established reputable organization. An organization should provide some type of test to decide what man or woman’s answers would be considered an ethical behavior and what personal attributes of a prospective employee could offer information to learn if an individual is ethical. As a result of this constant contact, once companies have a nice following, they’re also able to gain new followers even simpler. Every company have a special thought process which enters the making of the name.

The Most Popular Restaurant Marketing

When you franchise your company, you will require a few legal documents that are particular to franchise businesses. Funding your business another major aspect. Even if it is small, you want to do this. There have been lots of individuals who’ve been successful in starting a little business for a restaurant, but failed to allow it to be profitable because of ignoring some restaurant management hints and tricks. When you’re all set to begin your own company, something that you’ve dreamed for all your life, it is a good feeling to see it come true.

No matter where one happens to be in the developed world you would not need to wander very far when hungry and looking for a delicious fried chicken outlet. When looking to eat all of the foods that a say southern fried chicken outlet may have to offer such as french fries, fizzy drinks, beef burgers and of course fried chicken there are typically three options that a person has when looking to eat.

Go to the outlet, purchase the food and take it away

Eat the food within the takeaway restaurant

Order the food online and pick the food up yourself in order to save waiting time

Order the food online and wait for it to be delivered

The ‘ordering food online’ options leads us on to the point to make that for this to happen, the fast food takeaway first will need to have its own restaurant marketing website or; at least to have an online internet presence.

As is often the case the path of least resistance is taken and the company owner will list their food services on one of the dominant food ordering and menu listing websites that exist out there. Customers will order from there and then whatever commissions need to be paid will be made to the hosting platform provider.

Just like with any other business; marketing has a key part to play in the success or failure of that business. And; in the connected world in which we live – Digital Marketing [& its two main components of Search Engine Marketing & that of Social Media Marketing] could make or break the organisation. There are few things that we know for sure and one of them is that fast food restaurants and takeaways must have a website or internet presence; it does not matter what type of food service business we are referring to it could be …

  • Indian restaurants

  • Chinese Takeaway

  • Greek kebab houses

  • Pizzerias

  • Italian food

  • Coffee Shops

  • Fried chicken takeaways

  • Sushi takeaways

  • Burger bars

  • Pubs

  • Caribbean Food

  • Wine Bars

… and any of the other food establishments that you may favour going to. As is often the case with businesses; the expertise lies in the product or service being sold to the marketplace [preparation of fine India Curries or that great tasting Chicken Chow Mein] and not necessarily in the marketing; today’s interconnected world demands that Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing forms a core part of the overall business strategy; in the case of say an Indian Restaurant or Chinese Takeaway this would be to maintain repeat business and attract new customers.

First a website is definitely required and we see the rise of many hosted solutions that will charge the food service business for hosting their site on the platform. customers can view menus and make orders via the website – the businesses also have to continually pay a percentage of the orders to the provider. As mentioned before, as the expertise of such business owners does not lie within the digital marketing field this is deemed by many as an acceptable solution.

It is with this in mind that we have developed which provides a complete digital marketing solution for restaurants and takeaways this of course includes a website along with email marketing, video marketing, full menu display, ordering system and lead generation. There is an initial setup cost and monthly maintenance charge but no percentage of revenues to be paid out to anyone – the more monies that are taken in to the company the more monies are kept within the business. provides a full digital marketing agency service for restaurants, takeaways, coffee shops, wine bars, burger bars and eateries giving the business a complete online menu and ordering system, full support and updates and more importantly full control of their marketing and in advance knowledge of the outgoings of the business as these are not tied to revenues.

If you would like to take control of the marketing of you food service business; get in touch with and see how we can work together to make even more of a success of your restaurant or takeaway business.


If you happen to be in the fast food industry [maybe you are a restaurateur ?] and you don’t have an online ordering system, then you are potentially [that is according to the data and the ongoing trends] missing out on a huge number of orders, as well as massive business opportunities that could help you to take your business further as more and more people are choosing to make their fast food orders whether it be fried chicken, pizza, italian food, indian takeaway and chinese food – people want to stay in the comfort of their own homes and choose from a menu using their tablet, laptop, smart phone or computers.

If you aren’t already convinced of this, then read on and hopefully you’ll see by the end of this post why you shouldn’t go a single day more without making the investment into your business that will pay back in dividends in the time to come [this is as opposed to taking the option of simply listing your food service takeaway business on one of the industry portals which allows customers to find you there but of course they take large commissions which you could be putting back into the business !!].

What an Online Ordering System Does

The idea behind an online menu and ordering system is simple : it allows your customers to make their orders directly to your business via the internet :-

Now; if you are not currently operating an ordering system then chances are that you there are two primary methods that customers use to order their food from you :-

  • They physically come into store
  • They pick up the phone and call

While both these systems might be working just fine for you, there are a lot of scenarios where neither is going to be appropriate or convenient.

Let’s imagine a scenario where someone is having a party with friends at their house. They’ve had a bit to drink and no one is able to drive but they want to order in some pizzas, fired chicken, Chinese takeaway or maybe an Indian curry. So they take a look on the internet or recommendations made on social media hoping to find a restaurant that delivers …

… If they find your restaurant but you don’t have an online ordering system, then there’s a good chance they’re just going to keep looking.

Why? Well for starters, trying to take 20 orders on the phone while there’s noise in the background isn’t fun for anyone. And most parties are simply going to discount that option before they even try.

Not only that, but even if they do try and call, they’re then going to need to worry about paying over the phone, waiting in a queue and hoping that you’re not engaged.

This makes a lot of extra work for them and for you. Especially if you have customers in your building that you’re struggling to cater for already!

Now imagine the alternative: a slick, mobile-friendly website that loads quickly and that can simply be passed around the group for each person to enter their order. Something like that is so much easier and it massively increases the likelihood that someone on your website will order food from you.

More Benefits

Guess what happens once someone has had a great experience using your online ordering system? They gravitate to you in future! When they need food quickly and reliably, they’ll remember the great experience they had and just how easy it was to order, and so they’ll pick you to get their food from.

Better yet, when someone uses your online delivery system, they’ll also be inputting their information – such as their email address and their physical address. That means you’ll now have their details to add to a mailing list and to market to in future.