Just like with any other business; marketing has a key part to play in the success or failure of that business. And; in the connected world in which we live – Digital Marketing [& its two main components of Search Engine Marketing & that of Social Media Marketing] could make or break the organisation. There are few things that we know for sure and one of them is that fast food restaurants and takeaways must have a website or internet presence; it does not matter what type of food service business we are referring to it could be …

  • Indian restaurants

  • Chinese Takeaway

  • Greek kebab houses

  • Pizzerias

  • Italian food

  • Coffee Shops

  • Fried chicken takeaways

  • Sushi takeaways

  • Burger bars

  • Pubs

  • Caribbean Food

  • Wine Bars

… and any of the other food establishments that you may favour going to. As is often the case with businesses; the expertise lies in the product or service being sold to the marketplace [preparation of fine India Curries or that great tasting Chicken Chow Mein] and not necessarily in the marketing; today’s interconnected world demands that Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing forms a core part of the overall business strategy; in the case of say an Indian Restaurant or Chinese Takeaway this would be to maintain repeat business and attract new customers.

First a website is definitely required and we see the rise of many hosted solutions that will charge the food service business for hosting their site on the platform. customers can view menus and make orders via the website – the businesses also have to continually pay a percentage of the orders to the provider. As mentioned before, as the expertise of such business owners does not lie within the digital marketing field this is deemed by many as an acceptable solution.

It is with this in mind that we have developed MarketingFoodAndDrink.com which provides a complete digital marketing solution for restaurants and takeaways this of course includes a website along with email marketing, video marketing, full menu display, ordering system and lead generation. There is an initial setup cost and monthly maintenance charge but no percentage of revenues to be paid out to anyone – the more monies that are taken in to the company the more monies are kept within the business.

MarketingFoodAndDrink.com provides a full digital marketing agency service for restaurants, takeaways, coffee shops, wine bars, burger bars and eateries giving the business a complete online menu and ordering system, full support and updates and more importantly full control of their marketing and in advance knowledge of the outgoings of the business as these are not tied to revenues.

If you would like to take control of the marketing of you food service business; get in touch with MarketingFoodAndDrink.com and see how we can work together to make even more of a success of your restaurant or takeaway business.